Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Program

The Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Program at Penn State provides unique opportunities to enterprising Penn State students as well as to industry sponsors of the program.

The DOE’s Graduate Automotive Technology Education initiative has awarded $6.4 million over the course of five years to support seven Centers of Excellence at American colleges, universities, and university-affiliated research institutions. The awardees focus on three critical automotive technology areas: hybrid propulsion, energy storage, and lightweight materials. By funding curriculum development and expansion as well as laboratory work, GATE allows higher education institutions to develop multidisciplinary training. As a result, GATE promotes the development of a skilled workforce of engineering professionals who will overcome technical barriers and help commercialize the next generation of advanced automotive technologies.

For GATE Students

Penn State GATE students can access a graduate engineering curriculum focused on high-power in-vehicle energy storage for hybrid electric and fuel cell vehicles covering the fundamental science and models for batteries, capacitors, flywheels, and their combinations. Penn State GATE integrates system topics into energy storage curriculum including vehicle topologies, advanced combustion, fuel cells, power electronics, controls, alternative fuels, and vehicle fuel efficiency to prepare students for careers in the automotive industry and research.  

The program also fosters relationships between GATE students, faculty, employers, and industry/research partners. Gate students completing the three-course curriculum receive a GATE curriculum completion certificate.

For GATE Sponsors

Penn State GATE sponsors are able to collaborate with GATE faculty and students and access Penn State’s advanced energy facilities to accomplish vital research:

• Achieve key research related to energy storage
• Get to know Penn State GATE faculty and students
• Recruit top students into the company workforce

Sponsors can improve their recruiting by hiring top students in the field directly from the program. GATE sponsors have opportunities to be involved and contribute to the program’s development throughout the year. 


For more information, contact:

Penn State Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Center
Dr. Joel R. Anstrom, Director
Phone: 814-863-8904



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