The Thomas D. Larson Fund for Excellence

Like many others before him, Thomas D. Larson began his career as a student at Penn State. He rose from student to educator and researcher, to pioneer and motivator in state and national leadership. Alumni and friends of the Institute that bears his name today apply their knowledge and skills for key agencies and corporations throughout the world. 

The Thomas D. Larson Fund for Excellence is a visionary initiative that aims to tap our greatest resources - our resolve and our ability to dream big - in order to prepare our transportation leaders of tomorrow.

The Larson Fund for Excellence seeks to:

  • Engage undergraduate and graduate students in interdisciplinary programs
  • Develop academic and research programs that demonstrate the importance of integrating public and private-sector transportation issues
  • Encourage undergraduate and graduate achievement through scholarships and graduate fellowship support
  • Ensure access by students and faculty to state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Empower the dissemination of educational and research knowledge and breakthroughs

Throughout his career, Larson never lost sight of what makes any significant milestone possible. He knew that leaders are not simply born - and that accomplishing great things requires collaboration. 

Fulfilling on the Larson Fund vision will require public and private sector collaboration and support.

For information on how to make a contribution to The Thomas D. Larson Fund for Excellence, call 814-865-4014. 

Thomas D. Larson Biography



The Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute is Penn State’s transportation research center. Since its founding in 1968, the Larson Institute has maintained a threefold mission of research, education, and service. The Institute brings together top faculty, world-class facilities and enterprising students from across the University in partnership with public and private stakeholders to address critical transportation-related problems.

Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute

201 Transportation Research Building

The Pennsylvania State University

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