First-year students get close look at Sustainable State

Students from the College of Engineering’s First Year Seminar (Eng 097S), Sustainable State, recently visited the Larson Institute’s Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicle Research Laboratory. “I think [the HHVRL] is probably one of the best tours we offer,” said Andy Lau, associate professor of engineering design, who teaches the seminar. All majors were represented at the tour.

There’s a lot of different vehicles representing the Larson Institute’s long-term research with more efficient vehicles,” Lau added. “Joel [Anstrom, director of the facility] often does the tours, and he explains things in a way that students understand. And many students are interested in vehicles.”

Joel Anstrom describes the conversion of a vehicle to electric power durning a tour by students of the Sustainable State first year engineering seminar

Joel Anstrom, director of the Larson Institute’s Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicle Research Laboratory at Penn State, describes the conversion of this 1959 Berkeley to full electric power. The project was a master's thesis by Tim Cleary, currently a research associate and director of the BATTERY (Battery Application Technology Testing & Energy Research Laboratory) facility at the institute.