Gregarious Green Lions of The Larson Institute

The Larson Institute’s Green Team, the Gregarious Green Lions, is the institute’s focal point for identifying and implementing sustainability practices that save money for the Larson Institute and reduce its resources user footprint. In 2013 the institute became the fourth unit campus-wide to achieve Level Four of the Penn State Green Paws program. The team is now exploring ways to expand its range of environmentally sustainable practices, including mentoring assistance for other units. Click here to watch the team's recent video.

The Larson Institute's Green TeamThe team has moved quickly to implement and extend sustainability practices. These include:

  • Reduced energy usage to a minimum (lights, computers, printers, appliances)
  • Recycling of materials in addition to the University-wide collection (#1 through #7 plastics and lids, candy bar wrappers, chip bags, coffee bags, CDs)
  • Composting

For more information on how you can get involved, contact team leader Lisa O’Hara at and 865-1893.