Administrative Information

The Larson Institute is committed to facilitating the research and education experiences of participating faculty and students. For information on specific areas or activities, refer to the contact information provided below.

For questions about:
Research contracts, contact Frank Butts, 814-865-1942
Research proposals, contact Gregory Dauber, 814-863-2930
Public relations and editorial services, contact Michael Casper, 814-863-7922
IT support services, contact Sarah Rhyner, 814-865-1338
Facilities and wage payroll employment, contact Lisa O'Hara, 814-865-1893

Click here for the full contact list, including the Institute’s research programs and affiliated centers.

A number of administrative forms are available for use by Larson Institute students, faculty and staff.

Key Request Form
Purchasing Card Form
Request for Order Form
Fleet Vehicle Reservation Form
Receipt for Petty Cash Form
Substantiation Form for Lost Receipts
Group Meal/Group Meeting Support Form
Advanced Technology Business System