Northeast Center of Excellence for Pavement Technology

The Northeast Center of Excellence for Pavement Technology (NECEPT) at Penn State is one of five regional Superpave centers established by the Federal Highway Administration in 1995. NECEPT functions within LTI's Transportation Infrastructure Program laboratory. Facilities include a state-of-the-art binder and mixtures laboratory that is equipped and staffed to perform all of the SHRP Superpave tests as well as other specialized binder and mixture, subbase and subgrade, and other pavement material characterization tests. The center is equipped and staffed to support training activities, pavements and materials-related research and development, pavement load response and performance measurements, and the evaluation of Superpave equipment and procedures. The NECEPT Laboratory is capable of performing standard ASTM, AASHTO, and agency mix designs according to the Marshall and Superpave systems. It houses conventional asphalt binder and mixture test equipment as well as advanced testing systems and sophisticated one-of-a-kind research instrumentation.